Mutuals exist in many forms, but they share one common feature; rather than being run by a small number of shareholders, they are owned and controlled by their members, who can be consumers, employees, or people from the local community.

This makes them uniquely positioned to perform a number of important functions within our economy, whether it is by strengthening local communities, incentivising employees to be more productive by giving them a stake in their company, or by providing more affordable and specialised services to the public, a strong mutual presence can play a key role in creating a UK economy that is stable, prosperous and diverse.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Mutuals is a forum where MPs and Peers can interact with co-operative and mutual enterprises, in order to develop the sector through policy. Its work covers a range of fields where Mutuals are present, including Building Societies, Co-operative Schools and NHS Foundation Trusts.

For a comprehensive overview of the sectors that the APPG focuses on, please read A Guide to Co-operatives and Mutuals (PDF).